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artistic impressions
by Hepatitis C Victims and their Family and Friends

It has been said that suffering can bring out deeply buried artistic talents in people. I think we have all felt the need to "express" our feelings about the impact having an incurable disease and possibly a shortened lifespan has had on us. These expressions can manifest themselves in highly diverse ways. Some people turn to writing, others try to capture their world on film or canvas. Music and crafts can also provide a release for this creative energy that arises from adversity. This page is devoted to the works of our members. These works of art were crafted by people who are often ill and fighting depression. Some of it may not be cheerful, but it is honest. There are no restrictions in art, so some of you may find a few of these works disturbing. You will also find great beauty and insight displayed here.

If you have something to share, we would love to place it here. The art does not need to be about HepC itself. It can be submitted by anyone whose life has been touched by HepC and would like to share with the rest of us. If you have an "artistic expression" of your own to share, please feel free to submit it using the link below. Attach scanned photos of any artwork or crafts, text alone is fine for any written work. Original music will also be accepted as an attachment in proper format. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Please share with us!   Click here to submit your art to HepCnet.

Poetry & Writings
Poetry by K_ogin
Poetry by Hope aka Carolanne
Poetry by Delangel
Short Stories by Mesarat
Song Lyrics by Big Kev
Poetry by msablelulu
Poetry and Song Lyrics by Gypsy
Janet's Poetry

Drawings & Paintings
Paintings by Zippy Paintings by OregonSuz  
Trav's Art  
Paula's Paintings    

Photography by Mesarat
Photography By and Of Hepschlep

GumbeauxKelly's Gumbo Spoons and More Web Site
Gypsy's "Bright Ideas" Web Site
Bear's Square on the HepC Quilt created by Scooter, Kessie and Sweetlips
Art by Dana aka Patches

Web Artistry
Wannab's Heppo World
Scooter's Bunny Web Site

Midnitebee's Web Sites
The Beekeeper's Home on the Internet
Stony Critters
Betty's Driftwood Santa Site


Chickenliver's Web Site
Shockwave by the Wiz of Waz aka Wazzie
Stephanie's Digital Artwork
S_bullet's Web Site
Graphic Art by dennis aka jobtwo
Sioux-Z-Q's HepC Site

Original Music
Squeeky's Original Accordian Rendition of "On the Street Where You Live"



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