Poetry by Delangel


a day in the dessert

Ripples of sand living centuries upon centuries
guided by the breath of wind
giving and giving
centuries over and over

the smiling cactus which pricks my skin
only to laugh at me
and spit in my face

as the sun drops I am astonished by this deadness
that has lived millions of years
giving and giving
And I am slammed to the floor
to feel my heartbeat....alive
only to realize I have only existed to take

The forgiving sun smiles at me
I no longer want
I will no longer take
if only I remember my day in the dessert



how soon it seemed
to hear the laughter of children
the crackling of candles
a waterfall
my lover's whisper
my husband's bickering
wind flapping in my sails
it is quiet now...
much too quiet.




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