Poetry by Carolanne aka Hope



She wishs people would see the real person inside of her.
It like the world is blind to see;
She sits as if nothing is wrong.
No one can hear her cry's for help.
She hopes to think everyday it will change.
Perhaps it will; Perhaps it is and she doesn't know it yet.
Sometime she feels alone and helpless
The ray of hope is slowly fading.
will the ray ever be strong?

by Carolanne A.K.A hope


"Comes and Goes"

As gentle as a wild rose
Quiet as the night glows
Peaceful as the sunlight grows
As strong as the wind start to blow
As day comes and goes
As slowly as the grass grows
As beautiful as the trees blow
AS wonderful as the mood comes and glows
AS peaceful as the winter flows
So many dreams come true when the winter blows
How wonderful as season come and go.

by Hope



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