Janet's Poetry


Follow Me

As I was walking along a long lonely path, the quite only disturbed by the rustle of the leaves, as the fall breeze whispers by, I noticed a shadow before me. I tried to focus on the shadow, but could not grasp it. “Follow Me,” the shadow spoke! At this time I could see an arm extended from a long flowing robe. Its color was like the sky and radiance surrounded the sheerness of it.

“Follow Me” it beckoned, “Follow Me”

I was mesmerized and could not help but follow. The shadow led me to a cavern near by. I gingerly stepped inside the cavern. At first it seemed normal, all mildewed rock and stone, until I stepped further and saw bright beams of light.

“Here,” the shadow took my arm. I could tell now, with the softness of voice and an iridescent hand, the gender of the shadow was female. “There are things to see, to live, to experience their majesty,” she whispered.

Following the beams of bright colors, there came into vision, great crystals, hanging from the walls, in blues, greens, reds, and gold. The beams of light surrounded me and danced as if in glory! I could feel the gentle warmth from the light, like a beam of sunshine around my face, my hands, and my body. I took my hand to run my fingers through my hair, as if to allow the beams to enter my very soul.

“Who are you ?”, I asked the beautiful shadow.

We are many, who have always been with you. We are the voices in your head The ones that have guided and protected. We are, your ancestors, who sing the songs of old. We are your grandmothers of past lives. We are the touches of tenderness in your soul. We are the sweetness to smooth the bitter. We are here to fill you with the comfort of our love.

Great tears of joy filled my eyes. I always knew you were there. I could always feel your presence, and hear your voice. I could smell the fragrance of flowers in the air, when there were no flowers around.

With that angel smiled and the lights dimmed. She had filled her purpose in nursing a flickering spirit. Go, little one, and love as we have taught you. Go and create Peace. Go tender and care, as the child you once were. With this she walk further into the cavern and I started to follow. “There will come a day to follow, dear one, but not today,” the beautiful shadow said,

“Go now and rejoice at what you have seen.”



Moments Like These:
Spring Day

On a beautiful spring day, I bask in the glory of God's creations. A gentle warm breeze delicately passes by my face. It's sweet smell of hyacinth and spring meadows from near and far carry the memories of all the springs past.

A delicate song chirps from up in the spouting branches. He sings a happy song, this little bird; it's time to start life all over again.

My puppy dances happily across the freshly mowed lawn. She bounces and runs in a happy trot, makes up imaginary games, and explores each blade of grass. If one could always see each day through a puppy's tender eyes, and never forget what is right before us.

I get out my clipper to trim a withered rose bush. The winter has been hard on this beautiful creation. I snip back the dead branches and wonder at the attempt of even this weary little plant, to stay alive. Even on a dying branch is a leaf or two, facing the sun and facing the day.

This day I worship. This day is mine. This beautiful spring day.

JRF  05-26-01



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