Koreen's Last Will



On my own accord, and being of sound mind,
I write this will of a different kind.
As I have no material things in which to leave,
Only my wishes and the things I believe.

My love I'd like to give to those with none of their own,
In hopes that with it, they may never be alone.
As to live without love, ia a mortal sin,
I know this is true, as it is somewhere I've been.

My dreams are for those who refuse to see,
Just how beautiful a simple dream can be.
Because without dreams, there can be no hope,
Within a selfish world already hard to cope.

The knowledge I have I'd like to give away,
To the children of tomorrow and yesterday.
As it is within them that our dreams will live,
Therefore with future hope...My knowledge I gladly give.

I ask that my courage be given to the meek,
In hopes that with it, they may reach the dreams they seek.
As without the strength of courage you may never try,
To reach your dreams or touch the sky.

Last but least I leave to God above, my soul,
as my struggle through life, he alone must know.
And in resting my soul where the waters run still,
This concludes my wishes, and my LAST WILL...

written by Koreen Houle




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July 8, 2004

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