Photography by Mesarat


"Starry Eyed"
Starry Eyed by Mesarat



"Summer Lightening"



"Getting Dark"




Cheyenne Mountain Home of NORAD






"In The Garden of The Gods"

6 pm.  4. 3. 01


"July 4, 2000  Santa Barbara, Ca"


Piedra Del Ancianos





Survival '96, Treatment Portrait


"Dragon Sky"


Photo Accompanying Short Story Below

A Short Story
By Mesarat

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, where it starts out on a real low and nothing seems right? I bet ya have. I know I do. Well...

Today was like that. We woke up, got dressed, and out of the house around 2pm. We were going for a ride. We decided to go to this very cool little town called Manitou Springs. Lot's of, what I like to call, my kind of people up there. Old hippies and such.

So, me and Barbie go to this bar and grill for ruben sandwiches, hang out and listen to the music. It is our favorite place in Manitou Springs. We ,kind of, know the bar tender/waitress. We've talked to her several times. Nice lady , again my kind of people.

She brought us some excellent rubens, holding the 1000 Island dressing, please. The plate had a 'salad' made up of spinich, radiccio, and endive, like 6 little leafs. So, I joked as I looked at the salad and said, "Where's the buds?" We all laughed. Then, shortly after we ate, this guy comes over with a half picher of beer, sits down and says, "So, uhhhhhh?" We haven't had any decent smoke in months and he says it's green bud, soooo

I slipped him a twenty, thinking, he's cool.

He left and returned a few minutes later. He came back and passed me the bag. He asked where some other people went.They had just left after hitting ME up for weed, I said. The dude, Barbie, and I then finished off the half pitcure of beer. He says, "I have another bag that I'm stuck with, now."

We give him another $20 and leave with a 1/4 oz of nice green bud. As you can probably tell by now, this day really turned out great. I love it when this happens. Home safe and sound. I haven't felt this good in weeks.

Have you ever had a day like that?

I'll bet you have.



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