poetry by sami salvail



a dismal day of weariness too much of it confusing..a day of things i must confess my mind is not including...sporadic thoughts of loneliness fill the chasms of my mind..nothing will hold , only regress the keys that i must find. inwardly they say i must look for answers to my life...the joys of life i have forsook, the cause is too much strife. stress and pain corrupts my all and tears flo mindlessly...and yet again another fall another day to see. to soar upon the dreams of sleep...the blackness scares me not , for in my dreams i do not weep...in anger i'm not caught. for those who listen they listen well , but do not hear my cry , for oft as not to me they tell for now i shall not die.


sami salvail


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July 8, 2004

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