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Welcome to HepCnet's Forum Help!

HepCnet board scripts have a number of great features. We hope that these items will add to the enjoyment of the boards for all parties.

Below you'll find a brief description of some of the new features, as well as some explanations for some of the common problems you may experience or questions you may have.

The boards support user profiles. These profiles are optional: you do NOT have to have a profile set up in order to post to the boards. These are simply a place to put information about yourself that you would like others to know.

Please be responsible with these profiles. The usual rules apply, and they will be monitored by the administration.

In order to set a profile, you must set a password. This password will be required if you update or change your profile in the future. If you set up a profile, any messages posted under that same username will require that password as well. This means that no one can use your nick on the board!
Please write down your password!

If you have cookies enabled on your browser, then the script will remember your password for you, and drop it into the appropriate box on the "Post a Message" form. If you have cookies disabled, you'll have to enter your password when you post.

Pictures and Formatting
You may include graphics in your profile either by using the same link box that you're used to using when posting messages, or by uploading a graphic from your harddrive to our server. If you choose to upload a graphic, it must be 20k or smaller. Additionally, formatting codes (see below) may also be used in profiles.

Profiles Not Showing Up In The List
If you enter a profile, it does not show up in the list until you have posted to the board under that username.

"Smiley" Codes Help

Our forums allows you to assign certain "smiley" and/or format codes, so that you have more control over how your message looks, without having to know or use actual HTML codes! Below, you'll find a brief explanation of how those features work.

If you include certain ASCII "smiley" characters (also known as "emoticons") in the subjects or bodies of your messages, they'll be automatically converted to graphics, as follows.
name code pic name code pic
smile :) :) frown :( :(
Oh! :O :O Oh well... :/ :\
Big Grin :D :D Wink ;) ;)
Glasses 8) 8) Tongue :P :P
Angry >:( >:( Indifferent :| :|
Laugh! :L Blush :B
Cool :C King :K
Jester :J Viking :V
Read :R Mad :M
Devil ]:) Real Mad! >::
Yuck :Y Dunce <:
Cry! :~ Teardrop :tear
Angel :A Angel 2 :A2
Blah :blah Smoke :cig
Warning :! Smooch! :sm
Disgust :disgust Fart :fart
Homer :homer Oh Please :ohplease
Nerd :nerd Wow! :wow
Uh Oh :uhoh Stare Down :staredown
Wave :wave Stare Up :stareup
Smurf :smurf Birthday :bday
Dork :dork  Hello :hello  
Ignore :ignore Love :love
Help :help New Angel :newangel
Party :party Rolling on
Burp :burp Bad Breath :breath  
No No :nono Ponder :ponder
Chew :chew Barf :barf
Teach :teach Chef :chef
Puter :puter Speak, hear,
see no evil
Dance :dance Teehee :teehee
Eat :eat It's Cold! :cold
Say Hi :sayhi Bonk! :bonk
Butt face :buttface      
Snore :snore Party :party
So Mad! :somad Pumpkin :pumpkin
Voilin :violin Shock :shock
Dunno :dunno Sad Eyes :sadeyes
Depressed :depressed Stop :stop
Freezing :freezing Sadness :sadness
Shocker :shocker Ugh! :ugh
Knifed :knifed Sucky :sucky
Farmer :farmer Pimp :pimp
Bandit :bandit Pirate :pirate
Queen :queen Cop :cop
Weightlifter :weights Anon :anon
Dude :dude Director :director
Army :army Witch :witch
St Pat :pat B'day Cake :bdcake
Guitar :guitar DJ :dj
Nurse :nurse Silly :silly
Censored :censored Car :car
Alien :alien Dung :dung
Ears :ears Hat :hat
Chicken :chicken Cat :cat
Pig :pig Tweety :tweety
Bunny :bunny Snail :snail
Toothy :toothy Happy :happy
Turkey :turkey Boxing :boxing
Preacher :preacher Celebrate :celebrate
Balloons :balloons Monkey :monkey
Fish :fish Doggy :doggy
Puppy :puppy Bat :bat
Fight :fight Gun :gun
      Bear :bear
Butterfly :butterfly Wolf :wolf
Rodent :rodent Rat :rat
Jackass :jackass Worm :worm
frog :frog Hamster :hamster
Baby :baby Stressed :stressed
Idea :idea Moon :moon
Thumbs Up :thumbup Bonk :bonky
Bug :bug Agree :agree
Cowboy :cowboy Hug :hug
Super :super Pray :pray

Christmas Season Smilies
Santa 1 :santa1
Santa 2 :santa2
Santa Waving :santawaving
Santa Waving 2 :santawave2
Santa smiling :santasmile
Santa sad :santasad
Santa in sleigh :santasleigh
Snowflake :snowflake
Snowman :snowman
Reindeer :reindeer
Wreath :wreath
Xmas Tree :xmastree
Xmas Tree 2   :xmastree2


CLICK HERE for a printer friendly version of the smiley codes

Formatting Codes

We have disabled the ability to use HTML tags to format messages on the boards. But don't worry, you can still format your messages using the codes listed below.

    The following codes are available to you if you want or need to specially format your messages.
    (Unlike the "smiley" codes, these will work only in the BODY of your messages.)

    Simply put the appropriate formatting codes Before AND After the text you want formatted.

    [b] Bold Text [/b]

    = Bold Text

    [i] Italic Text [/i]

    = Italic Text
    [list] [*]Item 1 [*] Item 2 [/list] =
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    [center] Centered Text [/center] =
    Centered Text

    [big] Big Text [/big]

    = Big Text

    [small] Small Text [/small]

    = Small Text

    [red] Red Text [/red]

    = Red Text

    [blue] Blue Text [/blue]

    = Blue Text

    [green] Green Text [/green]

    = Green Text

    [purple] Purple Text [/purple]

    = Purple Text

    [pink] Pink Text [/pink]

    = Pink Text

    [marquee] Scrolling Text [/marquee]


    Scroll Text... Whoopeeee!!

    [hiyellow] Yellow Highlighted Text [/hi]

    = Yellow Highlighted Text
    [higreen] Yellow Highlighted Text [/hi] = Green Highlighted Text
    [hiaqua] Yellow Highlighted Text [/hi] = Aqua Highlighted Text
    [hipurple] Yellow Highlighted Text [/hi] = Purple Highlighted Text
    [hipink] Yellow Highlighted Text [/hi] = Pink Highlighted Text
    [sound]Sound File Name
    = Adds Sound to the Message
    Note: Works for .wav, .mid, .au files that are on the HepCnet server.

    Important General Tip

    Never assume that your message will look the way you expect it to look! Previewing your message before you post it is always a good idea, anyway, but is even more important if you're using the above codes, since if you mis-type something, the message won't look the way you expect it to look!

    Search Help
    You can search for specific messages by keywords, messages posted by specific individuals, and by specific dates.

    Setting preferences:
    You can select which method you want to view the discussions.
    "Chronological": Show messages simply in the order in which they were posted;
    "Alphabetical" Lists arrange messages in alphabetical order by their subjects;
    "Threaded" Displays show messages in indented lists, with responses directly beneath their parent messages. The "reversed theaded" display is the "default" style of many Web-based bulletin boards and is the style with which many users are most familiar. The "mixed threaded" display arranges primary messages with the newest at the top.
    "Compressed" Displays show on the main index page only the first message of each thread; responses are available only by going to the primary message's page.
    "Guestbook-style" Displays the full text of messages on the main index page in a strict chronological manner; "threaded guestbook-style" displays show an index page very similar to that of the "compressed" displays, but show the full text of all messages in a thread on a single page.

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