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Angela's Story



I have been a patient in the medical system since January 2000. I have seen lab tech's to primary's to the biggest of specialist's. Along the way I noticed that these people have become immuned to their job's. Patient's do not have a name only a file.Realistically I understand the daily pressure of their duties. I mean afterall, we all have our own problem's and then to show compassion for others is a great task.They are handling millions of patient's, but we only have one doctor.

Is it possible for the people in the medical profession to treat their patient's as if they were treating their own family memeber's? I do not think that this is an impossible task. I have noticed in offices and in hospital's such coldness ecspecially towards the elderly, that it makes me so sad. I mean these people are someone's mother and father. For those who are very ill, sometime's we need a kind word or gesture just to make us not feel like we are not going it alone and for those who entrust their doctor's this goes along way.

On a positive note I was fortunate enough to find a doctor who not only treats the illness but the patient. I swear if it were not for this one particular doctor, my illness would have been much harder. His name is Dr. Joe Greer. I call him Joe my friend and my saviour.This man takes such pride in his chosen profession and show's great passion for what he does.He is not a primary but a specialist.He actually takes time and get's on the phone when you need him and really is genuinely concerned. Aside from God and my new found inner strength, this wonderful human being has shown me that we are not just a file, but we are people who feel ill and need support on a human basis from our doctor's.

I am not a writer but i wanted to share this with people who feel somewhat neglected by their doctor's. These doctors' that I call a gift from God are out there and please do not give up hope in findng one.They have not all got lost in the system, some actually remember why they chose to be a doctor in the first place.

Their is someone for everyone and that goes for doctor/patient relationship's also.

Angela J. Mouro


An Article Written by a Friend of Angela's

Angela J. Mouro

Let's start by saying a few word's about Angela. Angela was diagnosed with Hepatitis-C in January of 2000. She was treated by Dr. Eugene Schiff ( a very well known hepatologist) University of Miami. She began treating in July of 2000 went thru treatment for 48 weeks and has been clear of the virus ever since. She happens to lend hope to all those with genotype 1a, a genotype in which doctor's and studies claim to be the hardest to treat.

Angela has written many articles on many area's of the disease itself and has taken us on a very personal journey of how the disease and treatment has affected her. She has spoke publically to those who have Hepatitis-C and their loved one's. She also has been very active in many online chat's and has helped people whom she never met. She gave her time and experience to all those that have emailed her from all over the country.

She was a small business owner, she has lost her business since and is now counseling for Hep-C Alert ( a non profit- organization based in South Florida). She specializes in Hep-C and HIV/AIDS. She does not hold a degree for counseling but has attended U of HK (university of hard knocks).

Her treatment experience like many has been horrifying. The physical and mental changes she has endured is what she say's to be an undescribable wake up call. One day Angela will be well known as an activist for this cause. I along with many have already been touched and moved by this incredible woman. You will feel blessed when meeting or talking with her. She is a best kept secret for those who have not had the pleasure of hearing her spread hope to those who feel hopeless.

Angela could be reached at ajmouro@aol.com and or sunfunluv@aol.com.

I have come in contact with many people who care for this illness but there is something very unique about Angela and when and if you meet her, I am sure you will agree.

A Personal Friend Of The Real Life Dragon Slayer



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    Page last updated: April 28, 2003

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