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Carrie Nation's Story

Carrie Nation

In 1993 I got the letter lived in a daze until the tests came back saying my kids and my hubby were all fine. Not knowing anything, as no text book I could find had anything on HCV just A & B if there was any information at all on this condition I was told I have. I ran to the WWW, there on the net was one place called SHN.

Long before 1993 I had found out in my own time that not using Rx.'s and using "some" herbals and making diet changes had helped how I felt. You see the joint pain and swelling with a arthritis factor showing up caused my Dr. to give me pain killers muscle relaxes and arthritis pills. All of these are HARD on the Liver and my life was in the trash. The longer I took the pills the Dr. gave me the worse I got. Then a liver panel showed that things were not right. But all tests ran showed nothing there was no A, no B, no Non-A Non-B. Not AID’S, but something was not right. After many weeks of my body not dealing with the Rx..’s I gave up.

I stopping all Rx.s’ and each time I did “cave” and take one I would be sick again!

I found that drinking the right amount of water was a key factor in how my body functioned.

About two years ago I found that the "pain" in my side was not my liver as much as a very, very badly infected Gallbladder.. (Note on Gallbladder at the follow-up visit with the Dr. who took it out he stated; "This is not something that just happened this was going on for a very long time." When I replied with an agreeing statement as I had lived in pain for many years. He then asked. "How did you stand the pain?" I explained I thought it was just my liver as I knew I didn't have stones, and had learned I have HCV. I told him I used (My Fiber Drink) and just kept on living, if I had a bad spell I'd note what I'd ate that caused me to feel worse and would avoid it afterwards.

So at the time Dr. was in there taking out the gallbladder a Biopsy was done. Since I'm infected for over 30 years I'm not doing (that) bad. Grade 2 Stage 2. I am not going to try and paint a picture of perfect health I have my moments and sometimes they last for hours, but it is now rare I am having very much true pain. Since I have Genotype 4 I need to just hold my own as at this time there is not a good outcome from the "treatments offered now."

I do what ever I can to spread the word about HCV. "How it is spread and what the (Chances) are of being cured that (Trying Treatment) is not what I am willing to do as I think for myself. Also from the start of this I had a honest Dr. who told me treatment is really rarely a cure"...

In my time spent on message boards, I've seen many people come and go. Some will never come back to type to me, as they have crossed from their physical body’s to go on to the other places. Kevin, Gibby, Lester Tucker many more that have crossed over since I got to know them.

Some tips I've learned over time.
Do not read the board fights it will just get you down. "Unless you feel you must add your own 2 cents it's best to just leave those folks be."

Oh, and about herbals, yes! I do use them, but I no longer tell others what they should use. So if you write me off board asking for herbal advice I will only tell you what I use, and tell you to see your own Dr. for a referral to a herbal Dr.

I do tell you to find out for your own self all the risks be it treatment, or non-treatment. You know your own body and you know what makes you sick and what makes you feel good.

Carrie Nation



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    Page last updated: February 1, 2004

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