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Clarence's Story

I,am Clarence (carebell), I, am a 52 year old black male, health care worker for 12 plus years.

Years ago when I was a heavy drinker and user, I had several warning (in hospitals) of becoming a diabetic (which I did become). Approximately three years ago, I went for another HIV test and was told that I was postive for hep-c. I get bad reports from blood work for the pancreas and liver and so on.

I don,t have wife and kids which I look at as a blessing. Very few people know of my hep-c. I don,t advertise it. Some day if I get married, I want a wife with hep-c as well.

God has been very Good and has kept me with hope and I do Pray. I guess hep-c can,t be too bad for me. In 1974, I was drinking and drugging being hospitalized with pancreatic attacks Sometime, (50-50) chance of living and was giving 6 months to live (In 1974).

Love to All.
carebell (Clarence Bell)

Email Me!!


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    Page last updated: May 15, 2004

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