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Mary's Story

July l5,2002


Where do I begin. I usually don't like telling anyone
my life time story, and I'm not going to begin to.
I will tell you what some of yo u think is the
important things. For instance most want to know where
you get Hepatitis C from. What you really are asking
is what did you do in your life so horrible,that
god would give you this disease. What you did or
didn't do is not of importance, what is important, is
how to rid this disease, and to stop others from
getting it. But, just to satisfy your curiosity, I let
determine where I got it, my doctor settled for one.
Lets see if you get the one he chose, since some
or most who read this don't know me..... and to tell
you the truth, I really don't care where I got it
I'm just happy to get rid of it, even for a
day.........and that's why you shouldn't worry about
where or how
someone got it. We protect you and ourselves.......you
want to know more about how not to catch it.
Read, read as much about the disease as you can, so
you won't catch it, and can help those who do have
it. Voice to the government for
help..............before you lose a loved one to this
disease, trust me, it could
happen, this is just not from someone using drugs, as
a lot of misinformed people think...anyone can get it
from blood to blood contact. It is a horrific disease,
and the treatment is horrific for most. Most doctors
tell you that the treatment is like the flu, well I'll
tell you, I know of no flu with symptoms like this, or
last for years, for some, it's more than most can

Ok, now for what most want to know........Where did I
get the Hepatitis C. is it
a) drugs I used when I was twelve and someone forced
me to use. we didn't share anything.
b) from friends who had it back then
c) from my sister later, whose boyfriend and friends
who had it in the late 60's and 70's
d) from the needles and the blood all around my
neighborhood from drug addicts that took over
e) from the police officers shooting such people and
blood splattering every where, streets, on people,etc.
f) from the guys I scratched up, who raped me who was
in jail most his life
g) from people lying in the street bleeding that I
tried to help
h) helping stranger or children of people with hcv
who fell down and would bleed and needed tending to
i) from blood transfusions that I had several
j) just from trying to live, in a neighborhood full
of blood from fights,drugs, police, etc. Blood was
everywhere, no matter where you were, it was
Ok, which one did I get it from............do you
know. Bet I know which one you will choose. You
be wrong too. Because back then, we didn't share
anything, we always, always, used everything brand
new, even a cooker, and never shared
it................. . So, that leaves 9 more
choices...... Doctor said "blood

You know what I say; " Who Cares". I have it, and
don't want it, and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
if I had one.....

This is pure torture for all of us. If you think I'm
a bad person, let me ask you this, when was the last
you took care of another person? I have taken care of
my mother in law 90 3 yrs on and off, may she rest
in peace, my dad 80 through 3 operations, anyone and
everyone I meat in the hospital, especially elderly,
help whomever I can that comes on the computer with
the disease. I've always been a caring, loving,
giving person.

So, I ask you, the next time you think about asking
someone how they got the disease, "DON'T'. Instead,
ask if there is anything you can do to help them....
Because we really do need help alot. We really get so
sick at times, we can't get out of bed......... and
contact your government to assist us with
more free clinics, people are dying..................
God bless and angels................mary



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