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Ossy's Story

My story is a story much like some I've heard already .The time was the 60's;lots of choices for young people.I tried drugs and had a lot of fun with them;until I tried IV ;did'nt like it.I was a chicken and decided that I was headed down a dead end street.

I was raised by good parents and was taught some sound work ethics.I always worked as long as I can remember;farm;construction and just finishing 30 years for the government.My children are gone from home;living their own lives;healthy;doing good.I'm a grampa and looking forward to retirement.

My wife and I bought a house about 4-5 years ago.While moving I experienced above average fatigue;tests revealed I was HCV.After 14 months of treatment and all that goes with it I have ;unfortunately come out of remission and hope to make about 4 years to retirement.

I love life and have a rich one;a life full of experience and interesting people;as well as faith in a better future.What a surprise to have this disease come along after some 30 years of living a wholesome lifestyle.The doctor that diagnosed me said the origin of my illness probably came from my experimenting with IV drugs in the 60's.

I know there is good things happening in the future for me;dealing with the tough times will require support from friends;like people on this site.God has the most impact in my life right now



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