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Sharon's Story


I guess it's time I tell you my story now I was 7 yrs old when my parents were divorced my mom left and I didnt see her again till I was 16 and I found her. We lived with my grandmother, It was hard on her to have 4 little girls being dumped on her and I was the oldest. At 16 I was married and had a baby...now I loved my child but I got to the point I couldn't stand her dad so we seperated. Being that young I wanted to go out with my friends and have fun so I moved home with my dad and my sisters. I'd wait till my daughter Christy would go to sleep and be home when she woke up only thing is I slept alot of the day away then weekends I was gone. Looking back now I was no more ready to be a mom so when I see these young girls having babies it makes me feel sad cause they don't even know what their in for.

At 18 I met this guy who was the one I thought I'd love forever well here I go not using my head but who does when they think their in love at that age. I came from a very small town and I mean small like 500 people in the whole town kids and all. So I was pretty much a dumb blonde and didn't realize my boyfriend was an IV user for months I just thought it was the way he was...well his roomates girlfriend got mad at them and she told me. I was in total shock but then that love sick mush brain of mine told me I could change him. Well by that time the real guy showed himself but it was to late...I loved him and I was going to stand by him and help him...well I couldn't get him to give it up and he started beating the hell out of me but I loved him and I could change him still trying to convince myself. I decided to try what he was doing to see what the high was like which was herion well I overdosed and died the 2nd! time I tried it...thank god he was there and got my heart going again. Well then he had me try cocaine well now this is a drug I could handle but in the end it handled me. I knew I needed to get away from him so I moved from Calif. to Florida with my mom. I never told her because I was ashamed that I got to that point. I went thru some major withdrawls and headaches...I just told my mom I had a migraine. To make a long story short I met my husband now and he has never tried anything so I knew that's the route I had to go to stay clean and take care of my 3 children...yeah I had two sons eight years after my daughter.

Well 5 yrs ago August 17, 1998 I started feeling so fatigued I couldn't get out of bed, my stomach looked like I was 7 months pregnant and I was so depressed that I didnt even want to leave my house well I went to see the dr and he ran some test and he told me oh there is nothing wrong with you and I told him yes there is cause I know my own body. So he said well let me run a hepatitis test go to the lab. I told my husband when we left his office the dr was stupid there was no way I had hepatitis. The phone rang the next day and the dr asked me to come in. So my husband and I went to see him, thats when he told me I had chronic hepatitis c and that there was no cure and I could die from it for me to come back in 6 weeks to do another blood work.

Well you know the fear that sets in when we have been told we have HCV...I had to figure out how and when i got it which wasn't to hard but to make sure I hunted down that old boyfriend and asked him if he had it and he said yes...I told him oh so do I, thank you very much and hung up. I went thru 2 yrs of hell because I didnt know a thing about it and neither did my dr. Mothers day weekend of 1999 I decided that I couldn't live like that so I sent everyone away for the weekend closed up the apartment shut all the blinds walked in the bathroom got all the medications I had and sat them on the table put on my night gown went got a piece of paper and wrote my family a note telling them not to blame themselves it was my own fault I was where I was at that point. Got my pillow and blanket the pills and water and started taking them I took over 300 pills laid down and laid there till I went to sleep...I ended up waking up th! e next morning and first I thought to myself why am I awake. Then I was taken to the hospital they told me it had been to long since I took the pills I'd have to ride it out well needless to say that was no fun. A man came in sat down next to me and looked me straight in the eyes and said you should not be here but someone wanted you to live and he got up and left and I never saw him again. I gave this alot of thought cause I knew exactly who he was talking about and I told God thank you but I'm really sick right now and I will talk to you in a little while when I feel better. I knew he'd be there waiting for me so once I was able to think straight I had my talk with him. He made me realize that once you got to the top of the bridge you had two choices stand there and go no where or go down and take your life back so I took mine back.

I started treatment the end of March to try and bring my viral load down which it has but the dragon I guess is blood thirsty so now I'm dealing with aniema...so far 2 blood transfusions and started procrit yesterday sure hope it works for as bad as that shot was lolol. I just did my 2nd viral load and should have the results back Monday but I really don't care to much about what they say as I have the aniema to deal with and my husband, 3 children and one grandson who is the love of my life. So the dragon might be making war with my body he's not taking my spirit from me nor control of my life. If I feel tired I will lay down so I can get up later. If i feel sick...I drink so flat 7-up till my stomach settles down. The headaches are a little more to deal with but I manage to sleep thru most of them which helps alot. Now I never knew I was vain until I started loosing my hair now that was a shocker for me bu! t gotta deal with that to and maybe it will come back with no gray ok ok a girl can hope though. So when or if you want to tell your story we are all here to listen and more than like alot of us have the same stories but in the end we all have HCV and need the moral support that only we can understand. I'm here if any of you need to talk.

Sharon aka Spunkydoo aka Hoopspunky


UPDATE! 12/27/2003

Well I just wanted to give an update on how my story is going. I decided to give tx a try so I was put on Peg and Rib. boy I had no idea what I was in for but it didn't take long to find out. I had a gastro specialist who I really don't think they knew what the heck they were doing. They were doing my blood work monthly like they were suppose to but I don't think they ever looked at them so it ended up my pcp noticed I wasn't looking to hot so he ran some blood test and found that I had lost half of the blood in my body to make a story short I ended up with anemia and had to have two blood transfusions.

At my second blood work for my viral load my gastro's nurse practioner called and said I was no longer dectectable well I was on cloud nine. In November I repeated the test and was seeing my pcp and he showed me the results and said that my viral load was climbing again. The next week I saw my gastro's nurse practioner and handed her my blood work and she tells me OH this is great and I looked at her like she was stupid and asked her what is great and she says your under a 1000 and I said oh I am then please tell me what the 81, 200 means and she looks and says oh well it means you are now a non-responder so I asked her to look up my back test results and come to find out she didn't know how to read the lab reports and I never responded to tx so she begged me to hang in for the last 5 weeks.

I told her I didn't see the purpose in it and left there in tears. Now when I started tx I told myself I wasn't doing this to become undetected but to lower my levels but once she had told me I was it brought my hopes up high then ended up with them smashed. I got to the car and my son seen that I was crying and I told him why and he said mom if you don't want to do it any more it's your life and your body quit if that's what you want to do... this damn (sorry but that's what he said lol) drs office almost cost you your life so who cares what they want. I came home and told my husband and daughter who all said the same thing as my son well I never took another pill or injection since but now I'm dealing with getting this out of my system.

I'm not sorry for doing the tx and if you can handle it then give it a try but until there is a 100% cure I'm done. I will live my day to the fullest and thank god for blessing me with my Heppo / Hepper family who stood behind me during this long 10 1/2 months and who are still there with me.

So if your going to give tx a try please make sure the specialist you are seeing know what the heck they are doing and know how to read the lab reports. Know each of you are in my prayers and that I ask god to bless you all.

Love, Sharon aka hoopspunky


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    Page last updated: December 30, 2003

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